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Model Viewer
This is a simple tool to view a game model using the game's rendering engine.
It's main purpose is to test and debug models, and generally isn't for
end-user use.
modelviewer <width> <height> <model>
<width> - screen width (default 800)
<height> - screen height (default 600)
<model> - name of the model defined in lua
./modelviewer 1024 768 interdictor
- will load the model interdictor with screen resolution 1024x768
- will launch modelviewer, prompting for a model name.
Keyboard commands:
<cursor> - Rotate the model
<shift> + <cursor> - Rotate the camera
<=> or <PgUp> - Zoom In
<-> or <PgDown> - Zoom Out
<c> - Toggle view between normal mesh and collision mesh
<r> - Reset thruster and anim sliders
<m> - Rebuild collision mesh
<p> - Toggle performance test - CAUTION: this WILL cause
<ESC> - Exit model viewer, prompt for new name or ESC to Quit.
There are 3 groups of sliders
Linear thrust:
Angular thrust:
Pitch Up/Pitch Down
Yaw Left/Yaw Right
Roll Left/Roll Right
0 - Landing gear animation
(remaining unused)
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