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#include "LuaObject.h"
#include "galaxy/StarSystem.h"
// this specialisation clears out the copied SystemBody parent and children list,
// which right now points to other SystemBodys in a StarSystem somewhere, and will
// be deleted when the system is deleted. without this we crash when this
// object is collected/destroyed.
template <>
class LuaAcquirer< LuaUncopyable<SystemBody> > {
virtual void OnAcquire(LuaUncopyable<SystemBody> *o) {
o->parent = 0;
virtual void OnRelease(LuaUncopyable<SystemBody> *o) { }
class SystemBody;
typedef LuaObjectUncopyable<SystemBody,LuaUncopyable<SystemBody> > LuaSystemBody;
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