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#include "libs.h"
#include "ModelBody.h"
#include "ShipType.h"
#include "MarketAgent.h"
#include "ShipFlavour.h"
#include "Quaternion.h"
#include "Serializer.h"
#include "RefList.h"
#include "Camera.h"
class CollMeshSet;
class Ship;
struct Mission;
class Planet;
class CityOnPlanet;
namespace Graphics { class Renderer; }
struct SpaceStationType {
LmrModel *model;
const char *modelName;
float angVel;
int numDockingPorts;
int numDockingStages;
int numUndockStages;
double *dockAnimStageDuration;
double *undockAnimStageDuration;
bool dockOneAtATimePlease;
struct positionOrient_t {
vector3d pos;
vector3d xaxis;
vector3d yaxis;
void _ReadStageDurations(const char *key, int *outNumStages, double **durationArray);
// read from lua model definition
void ReadStageDurations();
bool GetShipApproachWaypoints(int port, int stage, positionOrient_t &outPosOrient) const;
/** when ship is on rails it returns true and fills outPosOrient.
* when ship has been released (or docked) it returns false.
* Note station animations may continue for any number of stages after
* ship has been released and is under player control again */
bool GetDockAnimPositionOrient(int port, int stage, double t, const vector3d &from, positionOrient_t &outPosOrient, const Ship *ship) const;
class StationAdvertForm;
class FormController;
class SpaceStation;
struct BBAdvert;
typedef StationAdvertForm* (*AdvertFormBuilder)(FormController *controller, SpaceStation *station, const BBAdvert &ad);
struct BBAdvert {
int ref;
std::string description;
AdvertFormBuilder builder;
class SystemBody;
class SpaceStation: public ModelBody, public MarketAgent {
OBJDEF(SpaceStation, ModelBody, SPACESTATION);
static void Init();
static void Uninit();
enum Animation { // <enum scope='SpaceStation' name=SpaceStationAnimation prefix=ANIM_>
// Should point to SystemBody in Pi::currentSystem
SpaceStation(const SystemBody *);
SpaceStation() {}
virtual ~SpaceStation();
virtual double GetBoundingRadius() const;
virtual bool OnCollision(Object *b, Uint32 flags, double relVel);
virtual void Render(Graphics::Renderer *r, const Camera *camera, const vector3d &viewCoords, const matrix4x4d &viewTransform);
/** You should call Ship::Undock() rather than this.
* Returns true on success, false if permission denied */
bool LaunchShip(Ship *ship, int port);
void OrientDockedShip(Ship *ship, int port) const;
bool GetDockingClearance(Ship *s, std::string &outMsg);
virtual void TimeStepUpdate(const float timeStep);
bool IsGroundStation() const;
float GetDesiredAngVel() const;
void AddEquipmentStock(Equip::Type t, int num) { m_equipmentStock[t] += num; }
/* MarketAgent stuff */
int GetStock(Equip::Type t) const { return m_equipmentStock[t]; }
Sint64 GetPrice(Equip::Type t) const;
bool CanBuy(Equip::Type t, bool verbose) const;
bool CanSell(Equip::Type t, bool verbose) const;
bool DoesSell(Equip::Type t) const;
virtual const SystemBody *GetSystemBody() const { return m_sbody; }
void ReplaceShipOnSale(int idx, const ShipFlavour *with);
const std::vector<ShipFlavour> &GetShipsOnSale() const { return m_shipsOnSale; }
virtual void PostLoadFixup(Space *space);
virtual void NotifyRemoved(const Body* const removedBody);
int GetDockingPortCount() const { return m_type->numDockingPorts; }
int GetFreeDockingPort() const; // returns -1 if none free
int GetMyDockingPort(const Ship *s) const {
for (int i=0; i<MAX_DOCKING_PORTS; i++) {
if (s == m_shipDocking[i].ship) return i;
return -1;
void SetDocked(Ship *ship, int port);
const SpaceStationType *GetSpaceStationType() const { return m_type; }
sigc::signal<void> onShipsForSaleChanged;
sigc::signal<void, BBAdvert&> onBulletinBoardAdvertDeleted;
sigc::signal<void> onBulletinBoardChanged;
sigc::signal<void> onBulletinBoardDeleted;
bool AllocateStaticSlot(int& slot);
void CreateBB();
int AddBBAdvert(std::string description, AdvertFormBuilder builder);
const BBAdvert *GetBBAdvert(int ref);
bool RemoveBBAdvert(int ref);
const std::list<const BBAdvert*> GetBBAdverts();
// use docking bay position, if player has been granted permission
virtual vector3d GetTargetIndicatorPosition(const Frame *relTo) const;
virtual void Save(Serializer::Writer &wr, Space *space);
virtual void Load(Serializer::Reader &rd, Space *space);
/* MarketAgent stuff */
void Bought(Equip::Type t);
void Sold(Equip::Type t);
void DoDockingAnimation(const double timeStep);
void DoLawAndOrder();
void CalcLighting(Planet *planet, double &ambient, double &intensity, const std::vector<Camera::LightSource> &lightSources);
/* Stage 0 means docking port empty
* Stage 1 means docking clearance granted to ->ship
* Stage 2 to m_type->numDockingStages is docking animation
* Stage m_type->numDockingStages+1 means ship is docked
* Stage -1 to -m_type->numUndockStages is undocking animation
struct shipDocking_t {
Ship *ship;
int shipIndex; // deserialisation
int stage;
vector3d fromPos; // in station model coords
Quaterniond fromRot;
double stagePos; // 0 -> 1.0
shipDocking_t m_shipDocking[MAX_DOCKING_PORTS];
double m_openAnimState[MAX_DOCKING_PORTS];
double m_dockAnimState[MAX_DOCKING_PORTS];
void InitStation();
void PositionDockedShip(Ship *ship, int port);
void UpdateShipyard();
const SpaceStationType *m_type;
const SystemBody *m_sbody;
int m_equipmentStock[Equip::TYPE_MAX];
std::vector<ShipFlavour> m_shipsOnSale;
double m_lastUpdatedShipyard;
CityOnPlanet *m_adjacentCity;
double m_distFromPlanet;
int m_numPoliceDocked;
enum { NUM_STATIC_SLOTS = 4 };
bool m_staticSlot[NUM_STATIC_SLOTS];
std::vector<BBAdvert> m_bbAdverts;
bool m_bbCreated, m_bbShuffled;
void FadeInModelIfDark(Graphics::Renderer *r, double modelRadius, double dist, double fadeInEnd, double fadeInLength, double illumination, double minIllumination);
#endif /* _SPACESTATION_H */
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