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// Copyright © 2008-2012 Pioneer Developers. See AUTHORS.txt for details
// Licensed under the terms of the GPL v3. See licenses/GPL-3.txt
#ifndef _FRAME_H
#define _FRAME_H
#include "libs.h"
#include "Serializer.h"
#include <string>
#include <list>
class Body;
class CollisionSpace;
class Geom;
class SystemBody;
class Sfx;
class Space;
* Frame of reference.
class Frame {
Frame(Frame *parent, const char *label);
Frame(Frame *parent, const char *label, unsigned int flags);
static void Serialize(Serializer::Writer &wr, Frame *f, Space *space);
static void PostUnserializeFixup(Frame *f, Space *space);
static Frame *Unserialize(Serializer::Reader &rd, Space *space, Frame *parent);
const std::string &GetLabel() const { return m_label; }
void SetLabel(const char *label) { m_label = label; }
void SetPosition(const vector3d &pos) { m_orient.SetTranslate(pos); }
vector3d GetPosition() const { return m_orient.GetTranslate(); }
void SetRotationOnly(const matrix4x4d &m) { for (int i=0; i<12; i++) m_orient[i] = m[i]; }
void SetTransform(const matrix4x4d &m) { m_orient = m; }
const matrix4x4d &GetTransform() const { return m_orient; }
void SetVelocity(const vector3d &vel) { m_vel = vel; }
vector3d GetVelocity() const { return m_vel; }
void SetAngVelocity(const vector3d &angvel) { m_angVel = angvel; }
vector3d GetAngVelocity() const { return m_angVel; }
vector3d GetStasisVelocityAtPosition(const vector3d &pos) const;
void SetRadius(double radius) { m_radius = radius; }
double GetRadius() const { return m_radius; }
void RemoveChild(Frame *f);
void AddGeom(Geom *);
void RemoveGeom(Geom *);
void AddStaticGeom(Geom *);
void RemoveStaticGeom(Geom *);
void SetPlanetGeom(double radius, Body *);
CollisionSpace *GetCollisionSpace() const { return m_collisionSpace; }
void RotateInTimestep(double step);
bool IsRotatingFrame() const { return !is_zero_general(m_angVel.Length()); }
bool IsStationRotFrame() const;
// snoops into parent frames so beware
SystemBody *GetSystemBodyFor() const;
Body *GetBodyFor() const;
void UpdateOrbitRails(double time, double timestep);
void ApplyLeavingTransform(matrix4x4d &m) const;
void ApplyEnteringTransform(matrix4x4d &m) const;
static void GetFrameTransform(const Frame *fFrom, const Frame *fTo, matrix4x4d &m);
static vector3d GetFrameRelativeVelocity(const Frame *fFrom, const Frame *fTo);
/** Same as GetFrameTransform except it does interpolation between
* physics ticks so rendering is smooth above physics hz */
static void GetFrameRenderTransform(const Frame *fFrom, const Frame *fTo, matrix4x4d &m);
void UpdateInterpolatedTransform(double alpha);
void ClearMovement() {
m_oldOrient = m_interpolatedTransform = m_orient;
m_oldAngDisplacement = vector3d(0.0);
bool IsLocalPosInFrame(const vector3d &pos) const {
return (pos.Length() < m_radius);
/* if parent is null then frame position is absolute */
Frame *m_parent;
std::list<Frame*> m_children;
SystemBody *m_sbody; // points to SBodies in Pi::current_system
Body *m_astroBody; // if frame contains a star or planet or something
Sfx *m_sfx;
enum { TEMP_VIEWING=1 };
void Init(Frame *parent, const char *label, unsigned int flags);
vector3d m_vel; // note we don't use this to move frame. rather,
// orbital rails determine velocity.
vector3d m_angVel; // this however *is* directly applied (for rotating frames)
vector3d m_oldAngDisplacement;
matrix4x4d m_orient;
matrix4x4d m_oldOrient;
matrix4x4d m_interpolatedTransform;
std::string m_label;
double m_radius;
int m_flags;
CollisionSpace *m_collisionSpace;
int m_astroBodyIndex; // deserialisation
#endif /* _FRAME_H */
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