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base fork: robn/pioneer
head fork: robn/pioneer
Commits on Apr 07, 2012
@robn move all text-related stuff into text/. not sure if text manipulation…
… and fonts belong together, but its not the worst we could do
@robn move text stuff under a Text:: namespace 1e102f7
@robn update include guards 083dc15
@robn font descriptor a1d5b9d
@robn move FontConfig out of text, its about to start spitting out FontDesc…
…riptors instead
@robn get font descriptors from config (I think) 76a3bfb
@robn check PointSize first, since PixelWidth has a non-zero default da5a0c6
@robn use FontDescriptor instead of FontConfig to intiialise fonts 6583de0
@robn move FontCache back to the core, because it has knowledge of FontConf…
…ig which I don't want dependencies on
@robn move gui scaling out of TextureFont 3ac3259
@robn pass the renderer through to TextureFont on constructions. removes th…
…e last gui dependency
Commits on Apr 15, 2012
@johnbartholomew johnbartholomew add FileInfo::GetType() (easier to use this if you care about all types) 4f17c9a
@johnbartholomew johnbartholomew slighly simplify the logic of file_union_merge add6335
@johnbartholomew johnbartholomew add FileInfo::IsSpecial() like IsDir and IsFile 96b3d09
@johnbartholomew johnbartholomew modify FileEnumerator to allow enumerating from multiple root directo…
@johnbartholomew johnbartholomew don't bother checking for IsFile() in FileEnumerator users unless needed
Previously, recursive enumeration forced FileEnumerator to include
directories in the entries it returned, so clients had to filter them out.
This is no longer the case, so some IsFile() checks can be removed.
@johnbartholomew johnbartholomew change the FileEnumerator implementation to be properly Breadth-First
Previous implementation was breadth-first until you use AddSearchRoot
@johnbartholomew johnbartholomew make CRC32::GetChecksum() inline 65c9891
@johnbartholomew johnbartholomew make CRC32 only generate its lookup table once 176967e
@johnbartholomew johnbartholomew hide CRC32::Reflect inside the CRC32.cpp file
No need for it to be a member, since it doesn't look at any member vars.
@johnbartholomew johnbartholomew scan sub_models when producing model cache checksum. fixes #1181 5f8b74d
@johnbartholomew johnbartholomew add a check for lod_pixels defining zero levels of detail aeb6007
Commits on Apr 16, 2012
@johnbartholomew johnbartholomew LMR: fix lathe for consistency with cylinder, ring and tube. fixes #1037
@robn explict float literals to dodge msvc warnings f85f1b9
@robn Merge branch 'issue-1037' 654149b
@robn Merge remote-tracking branch 'johnbartholomew/issue-1181' 37245b2
@robn whitespace fix 17d7504
@robn rename multibyte/widechar functions for clarity f459d24
@robn Merge branch 'text-font-cleanup' c8d0972