PHP Google Maps API for PHP 5.3+ and Google Maps v3
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PHP Google Maps API

For PHP 5.3+ and Google Maps API v3


This is a development version. I am refactoring a lot of code and will eventually switch over to this version


  • Adsense ads
  • Binding map objects
  • Custom map controls
  • Directions with waypoints ( walking, biking and driving )
  • Event listeners and DOM event listeners
  • Fusion tables
  • Geocoding
  • Geolocation
  • Ground overlays
  • KML layers
  • Custom map styles
  • Markers
  • Marker clustering
  • Custom marker icons
  • Marker staggering
  • Marker animation (bounce, drop)
  • Mobile display
  • Panoramio layers
  • Polygons and polylines
  • Shapes (rectangles and circles)
  • Sidebar
  • Static Map
  • Streetview
  • Simple configuration of map objects


Use the included autoloader

    require( '../PHPGoogleMaps/Core/Autoloader.php' );
    $map_loader = new SplClassLoader('PHPGoogleMaps', '../');

This is the autoload from the PSR-0 Final Proposal.