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Collection of Extensions for Silex

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Silex Extensions

Collection of extensions for Silex.

Available Extensions

  • AsseticExtension (Assetic asset management library)
  • EmbedlyExtension ( web service, uses embedly-php fork)
  • GravatarExtension ( web service, uses grvatar-php library)
  • MandangoExtension (Mandango ODM for MongoDB NoSQL database)
  • MarkdownExtension (Markdown support, uses KnpLabs\MarkdownBundle)
  • MemcacheExtension (Memcache caching layer, non-permanent key/value store, uses pecl-memcache or pecl-memcached)
  • MongoDbExtension (MongoDB NoSQL database, uses Doctrine\MongoDB library)
  • PredisExtension (Redis key/value store, uses Predis php library)

Extensions with Twig Support

  • AsseticExtension
  • EmbedlyExtension
  • GravatarExtension
  • MarkdownExtension


Run the following commands inside your Silex directory:

git clone vendor/silex-extension

To install vendor depedencies, copy in your root directory and run

sh ./

And install all submodules in vendor/mongodb and vendor/mandango

git submodule update --init

Add the library to the Silex autoloader

$app['autoloader']->registerNamespace('SilexExtension', __DIR__ . '/vendor/silex-extension/src');

More Information

Read the documentation files under /doc.


'Silex Extensions' are licensed under the MIT license.

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