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RCLL Referee Box Configuration

The refbox supports several configuration values that are stored in the cfg/config.yaml file in YAML format. YAML is a structured document format. For the configuration, especially note that the indentation is crucial. The document forms a tree where values are addressed by paths. Especially network related parameters might need to be changed.

YAML Example

A simple excerpt of the configuration file is used to explain the YAML structure.

    level: debug
    general: refbox.log

This defines two configuration values. One has the path /llsfrb/log/level and the value is debug. The second is /llsfrb/log/general with the value refbox.log. The types of the values are implicitly determined to be one of unsigned integer, signed integer, float, boolean (true or false) or string (in that detection order).

Configuration Values

Path Type Default Value Description
level string debug log level, one of debug, info, warn, error
general string refbox.log log file for general log messages
clips string clips.log Log output of the CLIPS system
game string game.log Game relevant messages, e.g. points awarded
enable bool false true to enable SPS/PLC support, false to run without
host string !ipv4 Hostname or IP address of the SPS/PLC
port unsigned int !tcp-port 502 TCP port on the SPS/PLC for modbus access
test-lights bool false Light pattern to test signals on startup?
timer-interval unsigned int 40 Period in milliseconds in which CLIPS is triggered
main string refbox The main file to load
debug bool false Enable CLIPS debugging, i.e. watching of facts and rules
debug-level unsigned int 2 debug levels: 0 ~ none, 1 ~ minimal, 2 ~ more, 3 ~ maximum
unwatch-facts list of strings [time, rfid-input, signal, gamestate] Fact templates '''not''' to watch if debugging is enabled
unwatch-rules list of strings [retract-time, rfid-input-cleanup, net-send-beacon, update-gametime, update-last-time, net-send-GameState, net-send-OrderInfo, net-send-MachineInfo, net-send-PuckInfo, net-send-RobotInfo, exploration-send-MachineReportInfo] Rules not to watch if debugging is enabled
server-port unsigned int !tcp-port 4444 TCP port the refbox listens on for controller connections.
peer-host string !ipv4 peer communication broadcast address. You will most likely need to change this.
peer-port unsigned int !udp-port 4444 peer communication UDP port. If peer-send-port or peer-recv-port are not set the refbox will listen on and send to this port
peer-send-port unsigned int !udp-port 4444 If set in combination with peer-recv-port the refbox will send broadcast data to this UDP port.
peer-recv-port unsigned int !udp-port 4445 If set in combination with peer-send-port the refbox will list for broadcast data on this UDP port.

Further Information

For more information of the configuration file please read about the Fawkes configuration, which is using the same format and library.

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