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Landroval Code

How to use this code in Eclipse

  1. Make sure you have Wpilib installed in Eclipse
  2. Go to File > Import...
  3. Open the Git folder and click Projects from Git
  4. Click Clone URI and click Next
  5. In the URI blank type this link:
  6. The other information should have been filled out. In the Authentication spaces, type in your Github username and password
  7. Click Next and choose which branches to clone. Usually you will clone all of the branches
  8. Choose the directory to clone the project, and click Next
  9. The dialog box will now ask for an importing wizard. For your purposes, leave the options as is and click Next
  10. You will now be able to choose a project. The project should already be selected, so click Finish to finish

And there you go! You now have working code that you can change as you wish.

Creating branches in eclipse to edit on

When editing code at home, make sure to create a new branch so that the master code is not fatally changed. Your branch should branch off of the develop branch.

  1. Go to Github and click on the Branch dropdown in the top left
  2. Click the develop branch. You are now in the develop branch.
  3. Click the branch dropdown again. Type in the name of the branch you want to make and click enter. Usually the name is whatever feature you are implementing.
  4. The branch has now been created. Before you can use it, you must pull the repository again by right clicking the project and going to Team > Pull
  5. Right click your project and go to Team > Switch To > Other...
  6. Open the Remote Tracking folder and click on the branch you just made.
  7. Click Checkout as New Local Branch and then click Exit.

Now you can edit to your heart's content!

Pull Requests (putting your code into develop)

I'll do this later...

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