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RoboFab is a Python library with objects that deal with data usually associated with fonts and type design. RoboFab has support for the UFO font format.


Documentation for RoboFab lives at RoboDocs

Some how-to and older documentation can be found at

The Developers

RoboFab is developed and maintained by Tal Leming, Erik van Blokland, Just van Rossum (in no particular order)


Email the RoboFab Consortium at i n f o (at) r o b o f a b (dot) o r g


This package is distributed under the BSD license. See the license. RoboFab is built in Python. Parts of RoboFab use fontTools, an OpenSource font toolkit by Just van Rossum. Parts of the RoboFab library are built to work with code from FontLab, which is a product of Pyrus Inc. Parts of RoboFab implement the Property List file format in XML, copyright Apple Computer. Parts of RoboFab implement tables and names from PostScript and the OpenType FDK, copyright Adobe.