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1 # How to participate in RoboHornet
3 The goal of this benchmark is to reflect problems that the web development community is experiencing in practice. The stewardship committee merely channels that feedback into releases of the benchmark.
5 As a community member, you have a number of ways to help influence RoboHornet.
7 ##Staying up-to-date
8 New announcements, like new releases to the benchmark, will be be to the mailing list.
10 ## Spurring more involvement
12 When a friend complains about performance problems in the browser, point them at the code site and encourage them to contribute!
14 ## Voting up issues that are important
16 The easiest way to participate. Explore the [list of open issues]( and vote on any issues that you feel are important or that you face. Each issue has an image badge in it that shows the number of votes. Clicking it will take you to a page that allows you to vote up the issue (after authenticating with GitHub). You may only vote once for each issue.
18 ## Arguing your case for importance
20 If you just want to make a claim of support for an issue being important, a vote is the most effective way. However, if you want to make a case for your issue being especially important (for example, you represent a site with many users that runs into the problem), feel free to leave a comment on the issue.
22 The stewardship committee may use your comments to help decide on the final weighting for a new benchmark.
24 Comments that are without content, or merely express the sentiment of “+1” without more context or examples of felt pain are not helpful and should be avoided.
26 ## Providing benchmarks
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28 Issues that already have proposed benchmarks are more likely to be included in the next update of the benchmark suite. You can help out by [creating proposed benchmarks]( to address performance issues.
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30 ## Proposing new issues
32 If you are experiencing an issue that does not appear to be covered by an existing issue in the tracker, you may create a new issue. Please check carefully before creating a new issue to avoid unnecessary work for the committee.
34 To add a new issue, create an issue in the issue tracker describing the problem as precisely as you can and providing context. Someone from the stewardship committee will affix the "Performance" label and include the necessary badge and voting link.
36 ## Proposing changes to issues’ statuses
38 Community members can make formal movements (or seconds) in the comments to change the status of an issue (e.g. from Removed to Up For Consideration). Note that the committee is more likely to approve the modification or removal of the issue if you provide a compelling case.
40 ## Sending an e-mail to the committee
42 To prevent spam, the stewardship committee’s mailing list does not allow e-mail from members off of the list, although the archives of the list are public.
44 E-mail with suggestions or other comments.
46 ## Providing technical advice
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48 If you represent a browser or have advice about how some benchmarks can be improved to better measure the performance pain point, you might be interested in the [Technical Advisors]( program.
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