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Switch to actually using the issues hosted in the real RoboHornet rep…

…o to run votes off of. This (temporarily) requires us to request the "repo" scope via the GitHub API to see details in the hidden repo. Once this is public we can remove that scope so it just needs simple public access again. Right now only people with view or commit access to the hidden repo will be able to see the issues.
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1 parent a062f55 commit 799e321fd704fde76f7ef3be678b8641f299551a @jkomoros jkomoros committed May 18, 2012
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@@ -11,9 +11,8 @@
-#Temporarily use a project name that's not locked down.
-PROJECT_NAME = "Playground"
+ORGANIZATION_NAME = "robohornet"
+PROJECT_NAME = "robohornet"
#We load up the client_ID and the client_secret from a configuration file that is not open source.
@@ -98,12 +97,13 @@ def draw_image(number, vote_count):
draw.text((vote_count_left_edge, 7), str(vote_count), font = LATO_BLACK, fill = VERY_LIGHT_YELLOW)
return im, width
-def get_or_create_issue(number):
+def get_or_create_issue(number, access_token=""):
number = int(number)
issue = Issue.all().filter('number =', number).get()
if not issue:
#Check if GitHub thinks this should exist.
- response = urlfetch.fetch("" % (ORGANIZATION_NAME, PROJECT_NAME, str(number)))
+ url = "" % (ORGANIZATION_NAME, PROJECT_NAME, str(number))
+ response = urlfetch.fetch(url + "?access_token=" + access_token if access_token else url)
#TODO: error handle
data = json.loads(response.content)
if data.get("number") != number:
@@ -198,15 +198,14 @@ class Vote(db.Model):
issue = db.ReferenceProperty(Issue, required = True)
timestamp = db.DateTimeProperty(auto_now_add = True)
-class VotePage(webapp2.RequestHandler):
+class RoboHornetVotingPage(webapp2.RequestHandler):
def initialize(self, request, response):
- super(VotePage, self).initialize(request, response)
+ super(RoboHornetVotingPage, self).initialize(request, response)
self.access = self.request.cookies.get(GH_COOKIE_NAME, "")
+class VotePage(RoboHornetVotingPage):
def get(self, issue_number):
- issue = get_or_create_issue(issue_number)
- if not issue:
- self.render_template(issue, {"error" : "That issue either doesn't exist or isn't a performance issue."})
- return
+ issue = get_or_create_issue(issue_number, self.access)
if not self.access:
if self.request.get("code", ""):
#The user said we're okay to get access. Now we need to get the access token.
@@ -225,8 +224,12 @@ def get(self, issue_number):
#TODO: remove the ?code= from the URL
#Okay, this is the first request
- self.redirect("" % (CLIENT_ID, self.request.url), False)
+ #TODO: once this is public, we no longer need the repo scope to access the issues on RoboHornet.
+ self.redirect("" % (CLIENT_ID, self.request.url), False)
+ if not issue:
+ self.render_template(issue, {"error" : "That issue either doesn't exist or isn't a performance issue."})
+ return
def post(self, issue_number):
issue = get_or_create_issue(issue_number)
@@ -254,12 +257,12 @@ def render_template(self, issue, args = None):
self.response.out.write(template.render("vote.html", args))
-class BadgePage(webapp2.RequestHandler):
+class BadgePage(RoboHornetVotingPage):
def get(self, issue_number):
issue_number = int(issue_number)
im = get_cached_issue_image(issue_number)
if not im:
- issue = get_or_create_issue(issue_number)
+ issue = get_or_create_issue(issue_number, self.access)
im = issue.get_image() if issue else NO_ISSUE_IMAGE
self.response.headers['Content-Type'] = "image/png", "PNG")

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