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Committee Charter

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Stewardship Committee

RoboHornet is explicitly designed to give a voice to the web developers running into real-world performance problems. It is not designed to be a forum for browser developers to pick benchmarks that make themselves look good or their competitors look bad.

RoboHornet is administered by a stewardship committee. Members of the stewards committee agree to act as agents on behalf of the web developer community, not on the behalf of any browser implementation. The committee are merely stewards of the effort and should at all times act in the interest of the web developer community first and foremost. For that reason, the number of stewards who primarily work as browser implementors should be kept to a minimum (although they are welcome and encouraged to join the Technical Advisors).

The stewardship committee primarily functions as the tactical executors of the charter as outlined in this document. The committee should base their decisions on the guidelines for good issues and benchmarks as outlined below, and act with as little of their own opinion as possible.

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