Technical Advisors

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Although the Stewards Committee is deliberately composed primarily of individuals who come from the perspective of web development (and not browser development), it is still very useful to get feedback from individuals who understand the implementations of browsers today.

These individuals are formalized as the Technical Advisors (the name is generic although we anticipate most of them will represent browser implementations). Although the Stewardship Committee will decide what issues and benchmarks to include in the suite, the Technical Advisors will be invited to comment on the technical correctness of the benchmarks and how well they capture the performance pain point in question. For example, if a Technical Advisor knows that a proposed benchmark will not capture the pain point for a given implementation today, we can modify the benchmark before releasing it. This advice is not binding; ultimately it is up to the Stewardship Committee to decide how to use the advice.

Name Affiliation Title Bio
Emil Eklund Google Chrome Software Engineer Although Emil currently works on Chrome, he spent most of his time on Google as one of the engineer's on Gmail's front-end.
Tony Gentilcore Google Chrome Software Engineer Tony focuses on performance and is an active member of the W3C's Web Performance working group
Tom Wiltzius Google Chrome Product Manager Focuses on canvas/WebGL/GPU performance

The canonical list of Technical Advisors will live on this page once the project launches.

If you're interested in becoming a Technical Advisor, let the Stewardship Committee know by e-mailing The Stewardship Committee will decide whether or not to approve your application.

Although the list of people allowed to post is limited to those whose application is approved by the Stewardship Committee, the discussions are public at the RoboHornet Technical Advisors Google Group.