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# .pairs - configuration for 'git pair'
# place in project or home directory
hu: Harry Ugol
ts: Tyler Schultz
md: Matt DuVall
xw: Christian Williams; xian
jm: Joe Moore
if: Ian Fisher; ifisher
pg: Phil Goodwin; phil
pp: Phil Plante
rr: Ryan Richard; rrichard
gv: Gregg Van Hove; gvanhove
rk: Rick Kawala
df: David Farber; dfarber
gj: Glenn Jahnke; glennj
am: Alexander Murmann
jt: Jesse Toth
lt: Lenny Turetsky
mg: Mike Grafton
gc: Greg Choi
tl: Tim Labeeuw
mh: Michael Haddad; mhaddad
mm: Mike Mazur; mmazur
wei: Wei Wu;
ad: Andrew Dai
bc: Brian Colvin
av: Aaron VonderHaar; avonderhaar
at: Amrit Thakur
prefix: pair
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