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Requires redis to be installed.


$ gem install bundler rake
$ bundle install

Run tasks via rake:

$ rake test run unit tests
$ rake delete:logs delete log files
$ rake delete:keys delete redis keys
$ rake delete:output:files delete output in files folder
$ rake delete:output:images[shh] similar but no confirmation question
$ rake flush wipe clean output and redis data (silently)
$ rake process:static process input using the static file handler set
$ rake inspect['./input/folder/file.htm',title] see parser output for a field
$ rake lock:media protect media paths from deletion and exclude from xml
$ rake delete:lock delete locked items


Configuration options are in:


Exporting database tables:

$ sudo apt-get install mdbtools

$ mdb-export techlink.mdb TE_Research > database_exports/TE_Research.csv

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