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rcrs-adf-sample RCRS Agent Development Framework (Sample)

(Linux) Instructions to download, build and run the sample implementation using the Agent Development Framework (ADF)

1. Software Pre-Requisites

  • Git
  • Gradle
  • OpenJDK Java 11+

2. Download

$ git clone

3. Compile

$ ./gradlew clean

$ ./gradlew build

4. Execute

The rcrs-adf-sample is a sample team implementation for the RCRS (rcrs-server) using the ADF core (rcrs-adf-core).

To run the rcrs-adf-sample, first the rcrs-server must be running (Instructions of how to download, compile and run the rcrs-server are available at

After start the rcrs-server, open a new terminal window and execute

$ cd rcrs-adf-sample

$ ./ -all

5. Support

To report a bug, suggest improvements or request support, please open an issue at GitHub