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WP-Skeleton - WordPress Theme

This is a very minimal Bare Bones Responsive WordPress theme based on


  • Very Easy to customise, it's basically a blank theme.
  • Responsive Media Query Layout
  • Very small footprint: Entire theme is only 55kb
  • Very small load query, only 15-20 WordPress queries made to the DB by default.
  • Bundled with full 960 based CSS Responsive Grid
  • Icon support for mobile and web
  • IE HTML5shim support

Default 4 layouts:

  • Base 960 Grid 960px
  • Tablet (Portrait) 768px
  • Mobile (Portrait) 320px
  • Mobile (Landscape) 480px

What's is included:

WordPress Menu support ( Drag & Drop)

  • The menu floats right on the large sizes, then floats left on mobile.

Widget Support

  • By default it has a widgitized sidebar and footer.

Comment, Full Width Page, Author, 404 --> Templates

Some basic template tags for Site Title, Tagline, Post Meta.

An additional Folder Called "Snippets" you can comment in/out that is pre-filled with ton of default WordPress features.

This is called in the functions.php and is commented out by default.( in add-stuff.php and remove-stuff.php) )

What it does not have:

Search , Archives, Category, Single, Image, Tag --> templates.
Everything is handled by the main loop

I also stripped out all the JavaScript that came with the original HTML Skeleton Framework and overall tried to make it as minimal as possible.

Open to any feature requests