Provides additional functions on MooTools Color.
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Provides additional functions for MooTools Color.

How to use

Use in the following manner:

var darkerColor = myColor.multiply(color[, color2[, color3[, ...]);
var lighterColor = myColor.screen(color[, color2[, color3[, ...]);
var contrastColor = myColor.overlay(color[, color2[, color3[, ...]);

var dullerColor = myColor.dim(color, percentage);
var lightColor = myColor.light(color, percentage, reflex);
var brighterColor = myColor.shine(color, percentage, reflex);

Both percentage and reflex values should be a value between 0 and 1.

var normalColor = $NORMAL(x,y,size);

Coordinates x and y needs to range from 0 to size-1 if the area defined by size is to map the sphere perfectly. It's wise to use an uneven size because then the center coordinate will return a flat color ie a vector pointing straight at the viewer.

var flatColor = $NORMAL(6,6,15); // rgb(127, 127, 255) flat in the center of the sphere
var tiltedUpperLeftColor = $NORMAL(4,4,15); // rgb(75, 75, 232) slightly tilted surface
var tiltedLowerLeftColor = $NORMAL(3,13,15); // rgb(229, 58, 162) steep tilt on edge of the sphere