Get Rich(Text in TableViews) or Die Trying!
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Get Rich(Text in TableViews) or Die Trying!

What: Like many iOS Developers, I've suffered through the horror and frustration of adding rich text into an iOS app. UIWebViews can only take us so far, especially when we want to use them in a UITableView. In this presentation, we will examine the steps in adding rich text to a UITableVIew and the process of analyzing, profiling and refactoring to get the UITableview to run fast and fluidly.

Subjects we'll be tackling include: Grand Central Dispatch (GCD), Instruments and Core Text.

Who: Jeff Friesen is a Developer with a Computer Science Degrees from the University of Manitoba. Jeff works at Tipping Canoe where he develops iOS applications alongside a team dedicated in making a variety of apps (iOS, Android) using an in-house REST Api developed using PHP.

How: Tipping Canoe will be donating some free pizza, so come by for networking and pepperoni at around 5:30. Jeff will present at 6:00 and we will try to wrap up by around 7:00 to get you home at a decent hour. Feel free to stick around after the presentation to chat.

*Also, we're looking to expand our mobile team at Tipping Canoe with a second iOS and Android developer! Our apps have hit #5 it the App Store and are used by hundreds of thousands of people. If you're looking for a job that lets you put your iOS developer skills to use, see our website for more information or talk to us at the meetup --

Steps to follow Refactoring and Optimizing are in DemoTableViewController (just comment and uncomment steps) Refactoring is also done to RTLabel to support Bkg Thread Image rendering.

Frameworks used :

  • CoreText.Framework
  • Quartz.Framework

3rd Party Packages used :

Presentation can be found here :