Draw pictures with vim like commands
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VIctor is a vector drawing application in the style of Vim.

VIctor is still in the very early stages. There are few features and a strong possibility of bugs.


To Run

  1. Install the dependencies
  2. cd victor
  3. python victor.py


Normal Mode

  • [count]{motion} -- Move Cursor count in direction of motion
    • motion can be any of h, j, k, or l
  • m{a-zA-Z} -- Set Mark
  • g -- Toggle Grid On/Off
  • s -- Scale Grid Down
  • S -- Scale Grid Up
  • b -- Start Path
  • a -- Append to Path
  • : -- Switch to EX mode

EX Mode

  • :line [a-zA-Z] [a-zA-Z] -- Draw a line between two marks
  • :marks --Print marks in the console
  • :set color r g b a -- Set Line Color. r,g,b,a <- [0-255]