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// Camera.h
// TetheredCapture
// Created by Brett Renfer on 3/11/12.
// Copyright (c) 2012 Robotconscience. All rights reserved.
#pragma once
#include "ofMain.h"
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import <ImageCaptureCore/ImageCaptureCore.h>
@interface CameraDelegate : NSObject
// Create delegates for the device browser and camera device classes.
<ICDeviceDelegate, ICCameraDeviceDelegate> {
BOOL bReady;
BOOL bTakingPhotos;
ICCameraDevice * device;
@property (readwrite, getter=isReady) BOOL bReady;
@property (readwrite, getter=isTakingPhotos) BOOL bTakingPhotos;
@property (readwrite) ICCameraDevice * device;
-(void) takePicture;
namespace ofxOSXImageCapture {
class Camera {
Camera ( ICCameraDevice * _cocoaCamera );
void open();
void close();
void takePicture();
bool isReady();
bool isTakingPicture();
bool canTakePicture();
// get all images taken since opening the camera
vector <string> getImages();
// access to lower-level ICCameraItems
vector<ICCameraItem *> getNewItems();
vector<ICCameraItem *> getExistingItems();
// please don't call these... they are called from the delegate
void foundImage( ICCameraItem* image ); // 1: found existing images
void capturedImage( ICCameraItem* image ); // 2: found new image you've captured
void downloadedImage( ICCameraItem* image ); // 3: downloaded new image to bin
void onDeviceRemoved();
void onDeviceReady();
vector <ICCameraItem *> existingFiles;
vector <ICCameraItem *> newFiles;
vector <string> downloadedImages;
bool bOpen, bOpening, bClosing, bActive, bTakingPicture;
string currentImage;
ICCameraDevice * cocoaCamera;
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