Very lightweight wrapper for libqrencode that allows you to generate QR Codes (as ofImages) from strings.
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A very lightweight wrapper for the libqrencode library ( I have included a 32-bit version of libqrencode for OSX. Andres Cartin: I added the possibility to use padding for the resulting image, as I figured out some QR code readers have problems when they don't see a white sillhouette. To use the ofxQRCodeGenerator on your project, you have to include libqrencode on your project's linked libraries, as well as add the following script after linking:

cp -f ../../../addons/ofxQRCodeGenerator/lib/osx/libqrencode.3.dylib "$TARGET_BUILD_DIR/$"; install_name_tool -change /usr/local/lib/libqrencode.3.dylib @executable_path/libqrencode.3.dylib "$TARGET_BUILD_DIR/$$PRODUCT_NAME";