Very rough + nasty wrapper for openNI 2.1 + NITE. Use at your own risk...
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Very rough + nasty wrapper for openNI 2.1 + NITE. Use at your own risk...


  • Clone into openFrameworks/addons
  • Open the example and run!

Creating a new project


  • Create a new project with the projectGenerator, selecting "ofxQuickNITE" as one of your addons
  • Open your new project and create a new group called "Resources"
  • Add the openNI + NiTE dylibs to this group
    • ofxQuickNITE/libs/nite/lib/osx/libNiTE2.dylib
    • ofxQuickNITE/libs/openni/lib/osx/libOpenNI2.dylib
  • Add the openNI drivers and initialization file to this group
    • ofxQuickNITE/libs/openni/drivers/OpenNI2
      • When you add this folder, make sure "Create folder references for any added folders" is selected in the Xcode dialog
    • ofxQuickNITE/libs/openni/drivers/OpenNI.ini
  • Copy these resoures into your app on compile:
    • Go to the "Build Phases" menu in your target menu
    • Click the "Add Build Phase" icon on the bottom right; select "Add Copy Files"
    • In the new box that appears, select "Executables" from the drop down
    • Add all of the files and folders from your Resources group to this panel
    • Make sure OpenNI2 (the drivers folder) shows up as a folder!
  • That's it! Xcode should now copy all of the dylibs into your app when you compile.