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STM32: Added preliminary xml device file for STM32F407/405
Still needs a lot more information, but right now the goal
is to be able to compile the STM32F4 Discovery blink example.
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ekiwi committed May 19, 2013
1 parent c9ab259 commit 3fcf8cbfdd39d88d78cec0b88a004cb3525ecdba
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  1. +61 −0 src/xpcc/architecture/platform/xml/stm32/stm32f40.xml
@@ -0,0 +1,61 @@
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>
<!DOCTYPE rca SYSTEM "../devicefile.dtd">
<rca version="1.0">
<device platform="stm32" family="f4" name="407|405"> <!-- FIXME: "name" does not sound quite right -->
<!-- _flash_, _pin-count-, _define_, -core_ and _peripheral nodes
accept pin-id/size-id properties if they only apply to a specific
size/pin id
Furthermore for _define_, _peripheral_ and _gpio_
nodes you can use the pin-copunt property if they are only
available on a device with a specific pin count. Add a _+_
to mean "and more" / a _-_ to mean "and less"
<!-- Flash and RAM sizes -->
<flash size-id="e">524288</flash>
<flash size-id="g">1048576</flash>
<ram>114688</ram> <!--Missing id => applies to all devices-->
<!-- Number of pins -->
<pin-count pin-id="r">64</pin-count>
<pin-count pin-id="v">100</pin-count>
<pin-count pin-id="z">144</pin-count>
<pin-count pin-id="i">176</pin-count>
<!-- Cpp Defines -->
<define size-id="e">STM32F407xE</define> <!-- Defines can depend on pin/size ids-->
<!-- TODO: add linkerscript -->
<!-- Core Driver -->
<!-- Peripheral Drivers -->
<peripheral type="clock" name="stm32" />
<peripheral type="gpio" name="stm32_af">
<!-- separate field for port and id are needed because
e.g. on the lpc platform both are a number -->
<gpio port="A" id="0" analog="Adc0,Adc1,Adc2">
<!-- This makes the GPIO connect to all peripheral drivers
of a certain kind. For example Uart as well as UartHAL
driver for the stm32 platform are both of the type uart
and thus use the same alternate function -->
<af peripheral-type="timer" peripheral-id="2">1</af>
<af peripheral-type="timer" peripheral-id="5">2</af>
<af peripheral-type="timer" peripheral-id="8">3</af>
<!-- According to the development summit 2012 the driver
directory is call uard thus the type will always be
called uart and never usart! -->
<af peripheral-type="uart" peripheral-id="2">7</af>
<af peripheral-type="uart" peripheral-id="4">8</af>
<!-- For this proof of concept af, as well as analog are not
TODO: add alternate functions as well as analog input connections -->
<gpio port="A" id="9"></gpio>
<!-- PD5 is only available on devices with 90 pins or more -->
<gpio port="D" id="5" pin-count="90+"></gpio>
<gpio port="D" id="12" pin-count="90+"></gpio>
<gpio port="D" id="13" pin-count="100+"></gpio>
<gpio port="D" id="14" pin-count="90+"></gpio>
<gpio port="D" id="15" pin-count="90+"></gpio>

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