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Searches for keywords in the classpath. The class name is mapped to a keyword name. To create a keyword with the name Do My Specific Task, you simply implement a keyword class called DoMySpecificTask and add it to the class path.

A keyword implementation has to fill the following requirements:
  • it's a class that implements org.robotframework.javalib.keyword.Keyword -interface
  • class name matches the given ant style pattern, eg. com/acme/**/keyword/**/*.class
  • the class has a default constructor
  • the class is public and non-abstract

Taking into use:

Setting Value Value
Library org.robotframework.javalib.library.ClassPathLibrary com/acme/**/keyword/**/*.class

Additional functionality


With a lot of keywords you want to check that you get the correct amount of arguments from the user. We've implemented an abstract class that you can extend to achieve this behavior. Please see the source code for ArgumentCheckingKeyword.


If your keyword needs to be prepared in some way for it to work you can use PreparableKeyword For example, in the prepare method you can check that the current context that you are working in is correct for the keyword.