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@jussimalinen jussimalinen Updated ReleaseNotes (rest) 6d4910b
@jussimalinen jussimalinen Updated ReleaseNotes (rest) d7fc311
@jussimalinen jussimalinen Polisihing the @autowired docs. 09e8cb4
@jussimalinen jussimalinen Update release notes for 1.2 34e0230
@jussimalinen jussimalinen Polisihing the @autowired docs. 644a48d
@jussimalinen jussimalinen Updated AnnotationLibrary (rest) d14c1b7
@jussimalinen jussimalinen Documentation for the new @Autowired annotation d43e602
@jussimalinen jussimalinen Updated ReleaseNotes (rest) e7cf16b
@jussimalinen jussimalinen Updated ReleaseNotes (rest) 218b1d4
@md42 md42 doc still mentioned 3 ways also 2 are now supported 8026570
@mkorpela mkorpela Updated ReleaseNotes (rest) 491c861
@mkorpela mkorpela Updated AnnotationLibrary (rest) 89638d2
@mkorpela mkorpela Updated AnnotationLibrary (rest) 6772d0f
@mkorpela mkorpela Updated AnnotationLibrary (rest) b82ae2d
@mkorpela mkorpela Updated AnnotationLibrary (rest) f728029
@mkorpela mkorpela Updated AnnotationLibrary (rest) 004dad3
@ombre42 ombre42 Updated AnnotationLibrary (rest) b8e57e0
@kontulai kontulai Updated AnnotationLibrary (rest) b474e53
@mikahanninen mikahanninen Updated Getting Started (rest) d74226f
@jussimalinen jussimalinen Updated ReleaseNotes (rest) ffccb83
@jussimalinen jussimalinen Updated ReleaseNotes (rest) befe823
@jussimalinen jussimalinen Updated Javalib Core (rest) 77883c0
@jussimalinen jussimalinen Created ReleaseNotes (rest) 6c475a1
@kontulai kontulai Updated Releasing (markdown) cb86ddf
@jussimalinen jussimalinen Updated Getting Started (rest) dca7992
@jussimalinen jussimalinen Updated Getting Started (rest) d168877
@jussimalinen jussimalinen Updated Releasing (markdown) eac9f77
@jussimalinen jussimalinen Updated Releasing (markdown) 78b33fa
@jussimalinen jussimalinen Created Releasing (markdown) 62690a5
@yanne yanne Updated Getting Started (rest) d15350b
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