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Maven plugin for using the Robot Framework. Goal of this plugin is to be able to use Robot Framework in a Maven project without the need to install anything extra (e.g. Robot Framework, Jython, etc). In short, it's a non-invasive way of introducing acceptance test driven development to your existing projects quickly.

Plugin documentation is available at

This project was forked from in order to be able to make backwards incompatible changes to configuration.

Maven Goals

The plugin currently has three goals:

  • run - behaves like invoking the "jybot" Robot Framework command for executing test cases
  • libdoc - invokes the "" Robot Framework command for generating keyword documentation for test libraries and resource files
  • testdoc - invokes the "" Robot Framework command for generating high level documentation based on test cases

Quick Start

Add the plugin to your build:






By default, you can add your test cases to ${project.basedir}/src/test/robotframework/acceptance

Third party libraries (e.g. Selenium Library) can be added to ${project.basedir}/src/test/resources/robotframework/libraries

During mvn install invocation, run command will be invoked during the integration-test phase.

For more detailed documentation please see