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RIDE is a development environment for Robot Framework test cases.

Instant Communication

Join our #ride channel in Robot Framework Slack: (signup page:

"Support" sites

We have a RIDE section topic in Tools>RIDE.

You can use the tag robotframework-ide to search and ask on StackOverflow.

Welcome to the development version of RIDE - next release will be version 2.0

If you are looking for the latest released version, you can get the source code from releases or from branch release/ See the release notes for latest release version

Version was the last release supporting Python 2.7

Attention, this new version will break old style :FOR, and you have to change to FOR/END blocks.

Attention, some problems have been detected when using wxPython 4.1.1, namely a crash when detaching File Explorer and Project panes.

The pre-release and current development, supports Python 3.8 (since February 2020).


It is better to use Python 3.6, 3.7, 3.8 or 3.9.

To use Python 3.9, you should have wxPython 4.1.1, and install from master (since April 2021).

RIDE is not fully tested on Python 3.10.

24-jun-2022 A preliminary experiment was done on Fedora 36, Python 3.10.5 and wxPython 4.0.7

Install current development version with:

pip install -U

(python < 3.9) Install current Beta version (2.0b1) with:

pip install psutil
pip install -U --pre robotframework-ride

Note: The PsUtil module is required, but missing on 2.0b1 requirements. This is already fixed in current development.

See the FAQ at Wiki

Unit testing statuses:

Linux (py36, py37, py38, py39): Unit Tests Windows (py36, py37, py38): Unit Tests

Quality Gate Status: SonarCloud