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This document describes the technical details of the RIDE project:

  • How to build, run and test RIDE
  • What's in the source
  • How to contribute
  • How to make a release


RIDE uses Paver as it's build tool. Packaging, testing, and running a development version without installation can all be done using Paver. Install Paver and run:

paver help

for more information.

Repository contents

Repository contains source code, unit tests, and some helper scripts for development and package generation.

Source code

Source code is located in src directory. src/bin contains installed start scripts and src/robotide contains the actual source code.

Unit tests

Unit tests are in utest directory. They can be executed with:

paver test


Fork and send a pull request! To enhance the possibility of getting the pull request merged, read guidelines below.

Coding guidelines

In general, all the code should be written according to Style Guide for Python Code [5] However, as stated in the Zen of Python, practicality beats purity.

Method names

Typically, we use lowercase_with_underscore style for method names. Of course, when overriding wx methods, AllCapitalized style must be used. Additionally, there's a special case when writing event handler methods. We have chosen to name event handlers following this pattern: OnEventName (e.g. OnMouseClick).

Variable names

Instance variables also follow the lowercase_with_underscore naming convention. Additionally, a leading underscore indicates that the variable is considered private.

Global variables (provided there's really a need for such) use ALL_CAPS style.

Getters and setters

We follow the Pythonic way of not implementing getters and setters in the case where direct attribute access is sufficient


TODO: These are incomplete

> version=0.xx
> echo $version > VERSION.txt
> git commit VERSION.txt -m 'Version $version'
> git tag v$version
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