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Selenium2Library Installation


Selenium2Library supports all Python and Jython interpreters supported by the Robot Framework and the Selenium Python Bindings. The Selenium Python Bindings are the most restrictive, and as of now require Python 2.6 or Python 2.7.

Selenium2Library depends on a few other Python libraries, including of course Robot Framework and Selenium. All dependencies are declared in

Installing using pip (recommended) or easy_install

Selenium2Library is available in the Python Package Index (PyPI). It is recommended that you use pip to install. Using pip will ensure that both Selenium2Library and it's dependiences are installed. To install using pip, run:

pip install robotframework-selenium2library

Or alternately, if you only have easy_install,:

easy_install robotframework-selenium2library

If you install Selenium2Library under Windows and you use easy_install, you will need to install Selenium2Library's dependencies seperately. To install the dependencies, run:

easy_install robotframework
easy_install selenium
easy_install decorator
easy_install docutils

Once installation is completed, you should verify proper installation of Selenium2Library and it's dependencies. See Verifying Installation section below.

Installing from source

The source code can be retrieved either as a source distribution or as a clone of the main source repository. The installer requires Python version 2.4 or newer. Install by running:

python install

Or, if you'd like to automatically install dependencies, run:

python develop

Note: In most linux systems, you need to have root privileges for installation.

Uninstallation is achieved by deleting the installation directory and its contents from the file system. The default installation directory is [PythonLibraries]/site-packages/Selenium2Library.

Using Windows installer

Currently, Windows installer is the only available binary installer. Just double-click the installer and follow the instructions. The installer is missing decorator module. It must be installed either via pip or easy install, or from

Selenium2Library can be uninstalled using the Programs and Features utility from Control Panel (Add/Remove Programs on older versions of Windows).

Verifying Installation

Once you have installed Selenium2Library it is a good idea to verify the installation. To verify installation start python:

C:\> python

and then at the Python prompt type:

>> import Selenium2Library

If the python command line interpretor returns with another prompt ('>>' as shown above) then your installation was successful.

Troubleshooting Installation

The most common issue with installing Selenium2Library is missing dependencies. An error like:

ImportError: No module named robot.variables

indicates that you are missing the Robot Framework package. To correct this problem try typing at the prompt:

easy_install robotframework

Similarly if you receive "No module named ..." error message then you have another missing dependency. To correct, use easy_install to install the missing package.