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Removed section stubs: "Using virtualenv", "Debugging Selenium2Librar…

…y", and

"Profiling". To be completed at a later date.
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@@ -24,10 +24,6 @@ test/
Unit and acceptance tests for Selenium2Library
-Using virtualenv
-Background information about what virtualenv is, why one should be using virtualenv and how to use it
Unit and Acceptance Tests
@@ -67,8 +63,6 @@ To run just the unit tests, run::
python test/
-Debugging Selenium2Library
Testing Third-Party Packages
@@ -160,11 +154,6 @@ If you discover an issue with Selenium it is helpful to `report it`_ to
the Selenium developers.
-information on how to profile Selenium2Library code
Pushing Code to GitHub

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