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Selenium test library for Robot Framework

This library is deprecated. Please use Selenium2Library instead.


SeleniumLibrary is a test library for Robot Framework that enables testing of web applications. As the name suggests, it uses Selenium tool internally. Because it uses the deprecated Selenium 1.0 version also the library itself is deprecated. All new projects should use Selenium2Library and existing users are also recommended to upgrade to it.

This projects has been migrated from dying Google Code.


If you have pip installed, you can install SeleniumLibrary by running:

pip install --upgrade robotframework-seleniumlibrary

For other alternatives and more information in general see INSTALL.rst.


To run tests with Robot Framework and SeleniumLibrary following things must be done

  • SeleniumLibrary must be taken into use in Robot test data. See Robot Framework User Guide for more information.
  • Selenium server must be started with command java -jar [path_to_server]/selenium_server.jar, where [path_to_server] depends on platform. On Windows it will be [PythonDir]\Lib\site-packages\SeleniumLibrary\lib and on Linux it is typically something like /usr/lib/python[version]/site-packages/SeleniumLibrary/lib.


General library usage and available keywords are documented in library documentation.

Wiki contains additional information. Some information there is outdated, though, and some links point to the old Google Code project.

Directory Layout

A simple demonstration, with an application running on localhost.
Keyword documentation.
Python source code.
Acceptance tests for keywords using Robot Framework.