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Selenium Library Installation

Selenium Library distribution contains the actual library code, Selenium server as a JAR package and Selenium Python bindings.

SeleniumLibrary 2.9.2 downloads are hosted at PyPI. Older releases can be found from the old Google Code download page.


Selenium tool requires Java runtime version 1.5 or newer.

Selenium Library itself supports all Python and Jython interpreters that are supported by Robot Framework.

Installing using pip

If you have pip installed, you can install SeleniumLibrary by running:

pip install --upgrade robotframework-seleniumlibrary

Installing from source

The source code can be got either as a source distribution or as a checkout from our version control system. The installer requires Python version 2.4 or newer. Selenium Library is installed from source by typing following command:

python install

In most linux systems, you need to have root privileges for installation.

Uninstallation is achieved by deleting the installation directory and its contents from the file system. The default installation directory is [PythonLibraries]/site-packages/SeleniumLibrary.

Using Windows installer

Windows installer is the only available binary installer. It is enough to double-click the installer and follow the instructions.

Selenium Library can be uninstalled using Add/Remove Programs utility from Control Panel.