Can I Run APP by compiled exe file, or bat, shell start script #5

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muyufan commented Oct 27, 2011

My "System under test" is lunched by a shell script, something like

some of lib path setting lines...
some of java arg setting...
bin/java arg arg arg

I don;t know how to start app by using keyword "Launch Application".
So, can I using this shell start script launch app, then test it by SwingLibrary keyword.

I tried, but not success, Select Window faild , seems can;t find app window


yanne commented Oct 28, 2011

For SwingLibrary to work, it needs to run in the same JVM as the application under test. You have to make a shell script that sets the classpath similarly as the start script, then call jybot, and in the test data you can use Start Application with the main class value from the start script.

If that doesn't seem to work, you could try using the RemoteApplications library


yanne commented Apr 3, 2012

Closing this, since it cannot be fixed in SwingLibrary itself

yanne closed this Apr 3, 2012

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