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RF 3.0 contains some changes to installation that need to be documented in the installation instructions. These new docs cannot be fully finalized until the final release, though. This issue tracks such changes so that we don't forget about them:

  • Python 3 support (#1506).
  • New generic robot and rebot start-up scripts (#2216)
  • python -m robot (#2223)
  • No more binary Windows installers (#2218)
@pekkaklarck pekkaklarck added this to the 3.0 milestone Nov 18, 2015

It's not really about documentation, but we should also remove all artifacts related to generating Windows installers. We could do it right away, but there's always a risk that we need to revert the decision and create them anyway. Probably we should wait at least until RF 3.0 alpha 1 when the plan to not generate Windows installers is made more public.

Assuming we actually can stop generating Windows installers, the artifacts to remove include at least these:

  • robot.bmp
  • robot_postinstall.py
  • Code related to robot_postinstall.py in setup.py.
  • wininst task in tasks.py
@jussimalinen jussimalinen added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 30, 2015
@jussimalinen jussimalinen Removed robot.bmp. Changed internal testing library to use os.urandom…
… as source of bytes instead of that bitmap. #2222

added missing mention of python -m robot in 959169a

@pekkaklarck pekkaklarck added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 30, 2015
@pekkaklarck pekkaklarck Updated installation and usage instructions to match RF 3.0 features. #…

- Python 3 support.
- Generic robot/rebot scripts and coming deprecation of pybot/jybot/etc.
- 'python -m robot' and 'python path/to/robot'
- No more Windows installers.
- Lot of general enhancements to installation instructions.

Unfortunately I was already working with larger changes to INSTALL.rst when @jussimalinen committed his enhancements. Merging the changes to docs wasn't easy so b9842cf reverts all Jussi's changes. Review for my changes, with those reverted changes in mind, still needed.


The new INSTALL.rst is much better than the slighly updated version I did. I updated a few links, but now it looks good!

@pekkaklarck pekkaklarck self-assigned this Dec 30, 2015

Cool, I guess this issue can be considered done. RF 3.0 will be released tomorrow.

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