@robotichead robotichead released this Jan 5, 2019

Assets 2

Bugs Fixed

BUG435 - Can not remove project customers
BUG436 - Pressing "Enter" button on file upload modal reloads page
BUG437 - Pressing "Enter" button on new folder modal reloads page
BUG438 - New quote using old date system
BUG439 - Can not remove assigned users for quotes
BUG440 - Can not remove assigned user from project
BUG441 - Can not deactivate old campus
BUG445 - Customer history not in TinyMCE widget
BUG451 - Kanban board - linking existing projects/tasks/requirements come up with an error
BUG452 - Can not remove customers from tasks

This new branch will focus on fixing bugs and security issues.