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ER-Force Framework

This is the framework of the SSL-Team ER-Force. Its main features are:

  • Simulating SSL games with a varying number of robots on different possible field sizes
  • Control robots, either autonomously using a Typescript/Lua AI script or manually
  • Create recordings of the game and play them back

Note, that development of the ER-Force autoref does not happen in this repository - there is a separated repository found here. However, to ease the development of our AI scripts, it is contained as a git Submodule here. To use it, clone the repository using the --recurse-submodules flag. If you already cloned it, you can also use git submodule init && git submodule update --recursive.

Ra for Windows is built in a nightly pipeline and can be downloaded here.

Table of Contents

Getting started and compiling the framework

First, see here on how to setup a build environment.

You may then compile the various programs contained in the framework, or all of them using make all.

Note for Robocup 2021 participants If you just intend to use the simulator to connect with your own software over the network, you only need to build the Simulator CLI.

Contained programs (and their corresponding Makefile Target)

Ra and Horus

Target: ra

The main program we use for development. Offers a GUI the various features provided by the framework.

  • Simulating a SSL game
  • Control robots either manually or autonomously using a Typescript/Lua AI script
  • Send commands to real robots using a wireless transceiver
  • Create recordings of the game and play them back (using the Logplayer Horus)

...and many more. For a more complete description, see here.

Simulator CLI

Target: simulator-cli

Simulate the physics of a SSL game. The program will receive a team's robot commands encoded using the SSL simulation protocol and broadcast the state of the world (i.e. positions of robots and the ball) using the SSL vision protocol.

The simulator-cli takes two command line arguments:

  • -g short_file_name sets the initial geometry to one of the defaults in config/simulator.
  • --realism short_file_name sets the initial realism to on of the defaults in config/simulator-realism

Both of these argument take a short_file_name, i.e. just the filename without the path or the extension. For example, to start the binary with no realism and 2018 setup, call simulator-cli -g 2018 --realism None

Other utilities

This repo also contains various utilities:

  • amun-cli - run an AI script from the command line.
  • loganalyzer - analayze the memory usage of a log file.
  • logcutter-cli - merge together multiple logs and remove unwanted sections.
  • replay-cli - replay a log with an AI script. Can also be used for profiling.
  • visionanalyzer - convert a SSL vision log to our own format and run the autoref on it.
  • visionextractor - extract a SSL vision log from our own log format.

These executables are found alongside the Ra executable. Run them with -h for further usage information.

Language services and Tests

A guide for setting up linting services and editor integration is provided at docs/ This is mostly for internal usage but may be interesting if you wish to contribute.