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Compiling Ra

Robotics Erlangen e.V.

All programs should work on GNU/Linux (tested on Ubuntu 16.04), Mac OS X 10.10 and Windows >= 7.

In order to build Ra you will need:

  • cmake >= 3.5 (3.7 on Windows)
  • g++ >= 4.6
  • qt >= 5.5.1, NOT 5.9.[0-2] on Windows
  • protobuf >= 2.6.0

Certain features require additional libraries:

  • libusb-1.0 - USB communication (version >= 1.0.9)
  • libsdl2 - Joystick support (version >= 2.0.2)
  • libudev - Required for joystick support (only required if libsdl2 is not available via the package manager)


Names of required package for Ubuntu 16.04: cmake protobuf-compiler libprotobuf-dev qtbase5-dev libqt5opengl5-dev libsdl2-dev libusb-1.0-0-dev g++ Only on Ubuntu 14.04 you'll need cmake3.

Names of required package for Arch/Manjaro (tested on Manjaro 17.1.15): cmake qt5-base protobuf sdl2 libusb

The recommended way of building a project with CMake is by doing an out-of-source build. This can be done like this:

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..

To be able to use the USB transceiver / JTAG programmer the rights for udev have to be modified. This only needs to be done once.

sudo cp data/udev/99-robotics-usb-devices.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/99-robotics-usb-devices.rules

Ra and the Logplayer can be started from the build/bin/ directory. To install the desktop files use this command:

make install-menu

In order to select which Qt-Installation to use specify it using a similar command line:

cmake -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=~/Qt/5.6/gcc_64/lib/cmake ..


Get dependencies (tested using the given versions):

install compiler environment

install cmake

use the installer, select add to PATH

install qt

Use the online installer! run installer (use default install path! ), install "Qt 5.11.1 > MinGW 5.3.0" and "Tools > MinGW 5.3.0". Qt 5.11.1 is a LTS release and thus should stay supported for some time. In case you use the offline installer, change to install path such that Qt 5.11.1 ends up in c:\Qt\5.11.1

install MSYS2

Run installer (use default path C:\msys64 !) Open MSYS2 MSYS and run the following commands

pacman -Syu

Close the console when promted and open it again

pacman -Su
# dependencies for ra
pacman -S patch make mingw-w64-i686-gcc mingw-w64-i686-cmake mingw-w64-i686-ninja
# dependencies for v8
pacman -S python2 git

compile ra


  • Use a folder with a short path like C:\Robocup as base folder
  • Recreate the build folder after updating Qt or the Compiler


  • Use a folder whose path contains whitespace
  • Use a base folder with a path name longer than 30 characters
mkdir build-win && cd build-win
cmake -GNinja -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/c/Qt/5.11.1/mingw53_32/lib/cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
cmake --build .
cmake --build . --target assemble

Automatic packing of ra is possible with (Note that the other calls to cmake --build are not necessary):

cmake --build . --target pack


Windows 7 - problems with usb driver installation

In case windows does not automatically find the driver for the transceiver, follow the following steps:

  • Access the website
  • Search for "windows phone winusb" and download "Windows Phone - Other hardware - WinUsb Device"
  • Unpack the downloaded cab files, so that there is a file with the name winusbcompat.inf
  • Open the device manager and choose to manually select a driver for the transceiver. Then select the folder containing the winusbcompat.inf.

Mac OS X

Get dependencies using Homebrew:

brew install cmake git sdl2 protobuf libusb

Run the following command and install Xcode and/or the Command Line Developer Tools if prompted to do so.

xcode-select --install

Start Xcode once afterwards to ensure that everything gets setup. Starting Xcode may also be necessary after an update.

Download Qt 5 from and install it. WARNING: DO NOT install Qt 5.4.0-5.5.0; Qt 5.5.1 is ok

Build using:

cd path/to/framework
mkdir build-mac && cd build-mac
cmake -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=~/Qt/5.6/clang_64/lib/cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..

(If starting the normal way doesn't work launch it from Qt Creator)

Compiling a strategy

In order to build a strategy you will need:

  • node
  • prebuilt butterflyscript-compiler


Names of required package for Ubuntu 16.04: npm

To build a strategy using the precompiled butterflyscript-compiler call node /path/to/tsc -w in strategy/typescript. The resulting compiled strategy can be found in strategy/built/strategy_name/init.js


Install node LTS via installer (

To build a strategy using the precompiled butterflyscript-compiler type node /path/to/tsc -w in the Windows Powershell while beeing in strategy/typescript. The resulting compiled strategy can be found in strategy/built/strategy_name/init.js

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