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Rocon qt applications, utilities and rqt plugins.
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Rqt graphical tools for rocon.

Rocon Qt App Manager GUI

First, download the rocon_qt_qui, and change the branch to implementation_app_manager_app.

> cd <rocon workspace>/src
> git clone
> cd rocon_qt_gui
> git checkout implementation_app_manager_app
> yujin_make
> setup <rocon workspace>/devel/setup.bash

you can check the branch using git status, and see the following message.

> cd <rocon workspace>/src/rocon_qt_gui
> git status
# On branch implementation_app_manager_app

Now you launch the chatter concert.

> roslaunch rocon_app_manager standalone.launch --screen

And then start the app manager gui.

> rocon_qt_app_manager
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