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Examples and Firmware for the MM1 HAT using CircuitPython on M0.
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Robo HAT MM1 - CircuitPython Native

Examples and Firmware for the Robo HAT MM1 using CircuitPython on M0.


CircuitPython is an education friendly open source derivative of MicroPython. CircuitPython supports use on educational development boards designed and sold by Adafruit. Adafruit CircuitPython features unified Python core APIs and a growing list of Adafruit libraries and drivers of that work with it.

Build CircuitPython

Please see the mm1-hat-cpy-native/firmware folder for further instructions.


This folder contains files that are needed to run the Robo HAT MM1. The files are extra CircuitPython libraries that are not included in the standard build of CircuitPython.

Libraries (lib)

  • adafruit_bus_device/
  • adafruit_motor/
  • adafruit_register/
  • adafruit_ina219.mpy
  • neopixel.mpy

There is also a copy of the full Adafruit Bundle for CircuitPython 4.0.0. This will be removed in the future.

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