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Service Robotics Lab

Service Robotics, Autonomous Robot Navigation, Machine Learning, Social Robotics


  1. dll dll Public

    DLL: Direct Lidar Localization

    C++ 160 36

  2. hunav_sim hunav_sim Public

    A simulator of human navigation behaviors for Robotics based on ROS2

    C++ 22 4

  3. Heuristic_path_planners Heuristic_path_planners Public

    Collection of classes and functions to allow 2D/3D path generation with heuristic algorithms such as A*, Theta* and LazyTheta* and ROS Interfaces

    C++ 54 12

  4. topological-montecarlo-localization topological-montecarlo-localization Public

    Global Monte Carlo-based localization from GIS-based graphs

    C++ 13 5

  5. og-sgg og-sgg Public

    Ontology-Guided Scene Graph Generation

    Python 5 1

  6. 2DLaserPeopleBenchmark 2DLaserPeopleBenchmark Public

    Benchmark codebase for 2D range finder based people detectors using the FROG dataset

    Python 4 1


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