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Global Monte Carlo-based localization from GIS-based graphs
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This metapackage contains most of the development for localization of the SIAR platform inside a sewer network.

This localization system has been submitted to the Sensor journal in the submission entitle "A robust localization system for inspection robots in sewer networks ", by D. Alejo, F. Caballero and L. Merino

Running the experiments

We include the ROS package "sensor_sims" that contains the scripts for automatically reproduce the results presented in the paper.


It is composed by the following packages:

  • amcl_sewer A customized version of the AMCL algorithm adapted to the particularities of the sewer network.
  • manhole_detector A keras-based CNN detector trained with over 45k images for detecting manholes with the up-facing camera of the robot
  • sensor_sims Contains scripts for automatically obtaining the results presented in the submitted sensor paper.
  • sewer_graph Uses the simple_graph library to acquire the sewer network topology from file and store it in memory
  • simple_graph A lightweight library for storing sparse graphs
  • wall_detector A module for estimating the relative orientation of the robot with respect to a sewer gallery.

For more details about these packages, please refer to their respective internal


A rosinstall file is included for installing the required dependencies (see dependencies section).

In order to build the package, clone it inside the src directory of your Catkin workspace and compile it by using catkin_make as usual.


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