Colorful command line output C/C++ macros, very flexible!
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Color CLI logs and more. Lightweight and simple, mainly achieved via ANSI escape codes. For updated version, license and author information, see ColorDebug.h.


Requirements: CMake 2.8.12.

Possible usages:

  • Install system-wide: mkdir -p ~/repos && cd ~/repos && git clone && mkdir -p color-debug/build && cd color-debug/build && cmake .. && sudo make install. In CMake, you may load it with find_package(COLOR_DEBUG) and then target_link_libraries(myTarget ROBOTICSLAB::ColorDebug).

  • Use externally: Skipping final sudo make install step, perform commands described above. Set the COLOR_DEBUG_DIR environment variable to your build path (optional, color-debug will store this path in the user registry for use by every cmake run). In CMake, you may load it with find_package(COLOR_DEBUG) and then target_link_libraries(myTarget ROBOTICSLAB::ColorDebug).

  • As part of another project: copy this repository to the desired location inside your source tree, make it discoverable by CMake (traverse its tree with add_subdirectory(...)) and add target_link_libraries(myTarget ROBOTICSLAB::ColorDebug) as usual.

  • (discontinued, last working commit was 5b8c9fd) Pulled by YCM. This is the BuildCOLOR_DEBUG.cmake file we use at kinematics-dynamics:

    ycm_ep_helper(COLOR_DEBUG TYPE GIT
                  STYLE GITHUB
                  REPOSITORY roboticslab-uc3m/color-debug.git
                  TAG master)
    # Include path to ColorDebug.h.
    ExternalProject_Get_Property(COLOR_DEBUG INSTALL_DIR)
    # CMake has not downloaded color-debug yet (this happens on build step).
        message(STATUS "Build COLOR_DEBUG target and configure project again to make advanced CD options available on UI.")
        # Load COLOR_DEBUGConfig.cmake, which in turn includes ColorDebugOptions.cmake.
        find_package(COLOR_DEBUG QUIET)

    Additionally, for every library or executable target that needs ColorDebug.h, you must use add_dependencies(my_target COLOR_DEBUG). If you want to search for system-available color-debug first, add this to your root CMakeLists.txt after calling find_or_build_package(COLOR_DEBUG):

        find_package(COLOR_DEBUG REQUIRED)

You can enable or disable specific features of color-debug by manipulating the corresponding CMake options. See cmake/ColorDebugOptions.cmake for details.

This utility adheres to the informal NO_COLOR standard, that is, ANSI color escape codes will not be generated in your ColorDebug-dependent project if the NO_COLOR environmental variable is defined (regardless of its value).

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