Open Source Garden (Autonomous) Robot


Open Source Garden/Generic Autonomous Robot (Python library)

OSGAR is lightweight multi-platform library targeting record and replay of multiple nodes (modules = sensors, robots, applications) logged into single file. It has similar goals as ROS or ADTF, but is minimalistic. It should run on different operating systems and also low end devices like Raspberry PI Zero.

John Deere X300R

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Robot is set of modules. Every module has input and output ports, described together with the connections in the config file. All ports are logged with timestamp (microsecond resolution). The module is typically an instance of a driver, whose init arguments are also in config file.

Notes regarding GitHub repository

The current development code is under osgar directory. If you are using OSGAR directly from sources please make sure that you setup PYTHONPATH to the root of this project.

The example configurations are stored in config folder. JSON files are used.


Collect data from sensor(s)

There is a osgar/ to run data collection based on given configuration file. If you would like to collect GPS data available on serial port use modified version of test-windows-gps.json for Windows or test-gps-imu.json for Linux.

python -m osgar.record config/test-windows-gps.json

To replay existing log use:

python -m osgar.replay --module <module name> <log file name>