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ROBOTIS OpenCM is a opensource project for robot controller.
This repository provides all source codes including firmware and IDE.

  1. Firmware : This directory includes the bootloader for CM-9XX controller board and user firmware codes we call it as core-library, is executed at address 0x08003000. The bootloader is executed at address 0x08000000.

  2. OpenCM_ide : This is for CM-9 IDE source codes based on Arduino 1.0.1 which also based on Processing. There are two directories in this folder, processing-core and processing-head. Processing-core is just library for processing component used in implementing cm-9 ide. Processing-head is real source codes for cm-9 ide, you can improve cm-9 ide by modifying it.

  3. Documents : Tutorial documents for OpenCM

  4. Hardware : All H/W development resource

  5. Notice_en.txt, Notice_ko.txt : License