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ROBOTIS CM-9 Series is a opensource project for robot controller board.
It has an integated developement environment(IDE) based on Arduino and Maple, hardware features for the Dynamixel made by ROBOTIS,.LTD. This repository provides all source codes including firmware and IDE.

  1. Firmware : This directory includes the bootloader for CM-9XX controller board and user firmware codes we call it as core-library, is executed at address 0x08003000. The bootloader is executed at address 0x08000000.

  2. cm-9_ide : This is for CM-9 IDE source codes based on Arduino 1.0.1 which also based on Processing. There are two directories in this folder, processing-core and processing-head. Processing-core is just library for processing component used in implementing cm-9 ide. Processing-head is real source codes for cm-9 ide, you can improve cm-9 ide by modifying it.

  3. Notice_en.txt, Notice_ko.txt