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Robotlegs-Sharp is a application framework for C# ported from Robotlegs for AS3. It offers:

  • Dependency injection
  • Module Management
  • Command Management
  • View Management
  • Plug-and-play extensions

You can also check out it's features in more detail here

Download & Install

We have provided the files as .dll binarys for ease of including into your projects. Please note you also need the dependency of swiftsuspenders.

If you are wanting to browse though the interals, or want the source to recompile. Please download the sources here:

Getting Started


The following source/framework has been applied with the MIT license


Thanks to the original Robotlegs Contributors who developed the first and second revision of the framework. Your original source has been beautifully done with painfully complex patterns.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this repository. Without you this port would be vaporware.

And thanks to whomever is reading this text, if you are benefiting from this framework it's made the year writing this port worthwhile.

Code Status

Build Status