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-Boo is a minimal javascript library to provide better prototypal inheritance,
-including a very basic trait system.
+Boo provides utilities to structure a program by means of prototypical
+object orientation and object composition, in an easy way. It provides
+you with inheritance, composition and mixin facilities, all packaged in
+a nice API.
-Boo is nicely hosted (and developed) on [Github][]. You can
-[download the lastest snapshot][snapshot] or clone the entire
- $ git clone git://
+ var animal = boo.Base.clone({
+ name: 'Unknow'
-Running tests
-You'll need Node.js and [Claire][] to run the test cases. You should get
-Claire automagically while cloning the repository. If you're using git
-though, you'll have to clone it manually.
-Please refer to the `.hgsub` file in the root directory for the path and
-url for each dependency.
+ , say:
+ function say(thing) {
+ return + ': ' + thing }
+ })
+ var cat = animal.clone({
+ init:
+ function init(name) {
+ if (name) = name }
+ })
+ var Nyah = cat.make('Nyan Cat')
+ Nyah.say('Nyan nyan nyan~')
-To run the test suite:
- $ cd tests
- $ node suite.js
+With Node.js and NPM, you can do the easy-modo install:
+ $ npm install boo
+ # then require it as usual
+ node> var boo = require('boo')
+In the browser, you have to include the script tag pointing to the
+`boo.js` file:
-Currently, there are no docs. Just refer to the source code, as they
-explain the code in great detail ({i,}literate programming, etc)
+ <script src="/path/to/boo.js"></script>
+ <script type="text/javascript">
+ // `boo' is in the global scope now
+ </script>
Getting support
-- Use the [Github tracker][] to report bugs or request features. Like a
- boss!
-- Fork, do your changes and send me a pull request if you want to~
-- For general support, you can send me an e-mail on
+Boo uses the [Github tracker][] for tracking bugs and new features.
[Github tracker]:
-Boo is MIT/X11 licenced. Take a peek at the `LICENCE.txt` file for `less`
+Boo is licensed under the delicious and permissive [MIT][] licence. You
+can happily copy, share, modify, sell or whatever — refer to the actual
+licence text for `less` information:
$ less LICENCE.txt

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