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Hey! Hi-Five is a supah-awesome and really simple test library for JavaScript projects. You can literally get it up and running in no-time!


You can either check the documentation on-line, or build them locally. To build the documentation you'll need to install type.writer, and Node.js:

$ npm install
$ make documentation

This will generate the documentation as a series of HTML files on docs/build.

Sidekicks (aka Add-ons)

Assertion & Testing

  • Claire - Gives you idiomatic random property-based testing (like Haskell's QuickCheck).
  • Node's assert - Simple assert(), baked right into Node, works nicely on Browser.
  • Chai - Gives you assert.ok(a), expect(a).to and a.should assertions and good plugins.

Mocks & Spies

  • Sinon.js - Gives you spies, mocks and stubs.



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